About Us

With a headquarters in Praia, Cape Verde, Language Link, Lda. was created as a platform to integrate the citizens from all corners of the world into the reality of global communication, business and education. Language Link is a Professional Language Consultancy and Training Firm specializing in English for specific purposes.

We offer on-site classes in areas such as finance, information technology, tourism/hospitality, insurance, medicine, construction, aviation, law and governance. Our teaching staff is made up of professional and effective native English speakers with extensive classroom experience.

All classes are conversation-based and incorporate each macro-skill (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) to give students a complete education and knowledge of the language.

In the future Language Link will expand its teaching platform to include classes in Creole of Cape Verde, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Language Link is also dedicated to promoting Cape Verdean and American culture through its teaching and other activities.


Business Information

Language Link is a Limited Liability Company, registered in the Registry of Building, Commercial and Automotive Records of Praia under the number 256473773 / 0185020080816 with the Fiscal Identification Number 256473773.